Even those not well-versed in the wide world of beef likely have at least a passing familiarity with Wagyu, the undisputed darling of bovine lineage. This mouthwatering meat isn’t just the stuff of culinary legend — it’s the backbone of the casual yet exceptional dining experience offered by Son of a Butcher.

SoB may joke around, but when it comes to quality beef, there’s nothing more serious. At Son of a Butcher, customers enjoy only the highest quality eats, including locally sourced ingredients, house-made sauces, and a versatile menu that ensures a truly satisfying meal for every diner. And of course, it’s hard to beat the Wagyu.

What Is Wagyu Beef?

The word “Wagyu” means Japanese cow, so it’s no surprise this cattle breed originated in Asia and was cultivated in Japan. It is genetically bred to produce meat that is marbled to perfection, creating just the right balance of tenderness throughout when cooked.

Americans have enjoyed the velvety texture and buttery flavor of Wagyu since it was first introduced domestically in 1976, but it can still be difficult to find establishments committed to serving this quality beef.

SoB offers both beef aficionados and dabblers the satisfaction they crave with Wagyu sliders cooked medium-rare to medium (as they should be) and seasoned with nothing but flaky Maldon sea salt to bring out the natural flavors.

Where Does SoB’s Wagyu Come From?

The organic Wagyu served up at SoB is locally sourced from nearby A Bar N Ranch, known for raising the bar when it comes to outstanding beef. Their cattle are pasture-raised, grain-finished, free of growth hormones, and treated like family.

No wonder this beef offers up the most exquisite taste and texture in the modern beef marketplace!

Shake Up Your Diet with Our Versatile Menu

No slider is an island, and any entrée on the SoB menu is only made better by a bevy of savory sides and delectable drinks. Wagyu may be a compelling draw alone, but SoB also offers outstanding chicken and vegetarian options, along with crispy waffle fries, spicy cheese curds, and other appetizing sides.

When topped off with craft sodas, cool brews, or a seasonal shake, it’s hard to imagine a tastier addition to any given day.