When you’re feeding an office, having a party or bringing lunch or dinner home for the family, it is hard to figure out how much food you should get. If your group is small, ordering too much food is wasteful and expensive. But, if your group is large, you risk not getting enough, leaving guests hungry.

Son of a Butcher is a nostalgic burger joint that serves up elevated versions of classic burger sliders, shakes, and sides. The crispy waffle fries are generously covered in sauce and the shakes are downright desirable – especially if you make it boozy! When it all comes down to it, SoB’s pride and joy are its sliders. 

Son of a Butcher is proud to use A Bar N Ranch’s locally raised, organic Wagyu beef. A Bar N Ranch not only provides the best quality meat in town, but it also guarantees that SoB sliders are delicious from start to finish.

Visit one of the locations on Greenville Ave. or in Legacy Hall and try out traditional beef or chicken sliders, or one of the many fan-favorite signature selections like PB&J, Burnt Ends, The Popper, Buffalo, and Texas Philly.

What Else You Got?

You’ll need something to pair with the amazing sliders. Add a side of Onion Rings, Nacho Fries, Buffalo Bleu Fries, or even kick it up a notch with some Spicy Cheese Curds—plus, adding waffle fries will make your meal picture perfect for Instagram!

Don’t forget about drinks! Choose from handcrafted real-sugar Oak Cliff Sodas, agave lemonade, sweet tea, homemade shakes, margaritas, or an ice-cold beer.

Want to enjoy a bit of booze? You can turn any of the handmade shakes into a fun and sweet adult beverage for only two bucks! 

Locally Sourced Goodness

SoB is proud to work with local suppliers to provide the best meat available. The beef sliders are made with 100% Texas-Raised, antibiotic and hormone-free Wagyu from A Bar N Ranch. In addition, all sliders pair perfectly with an Oak Cliff soda, carefully crafted and made from 100% natural cane sugar.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get Son of a Butcher signature sliders delivered directly to your door! Ordering from Son of a Butcher couldn’t be easier; order online through UberEats, DoorDash, or the website and place your order for delivery or pickup today.

Son of a Butcher has two locations: one in Plano, Texas, at Legacy Food Hall, and another in Lower Greenville in Dallas, Texas. No matter which location you choose,  the SoB squad can’t wait for you to stop by to try the best sliders in Dallas!