St. Patrick’s Day revelers assemble! This mid-March celebration means it’s time to don some green garb, grab a pint, and celebrate the man who brought Christianity to Ireland.

Okay, this holiday may be less about the man and more about taking a much-needed break from Lenten restrictions, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to dress like a leprechaun and knock back a round or three with friends.

The best place to be this year is at SoB’s Paddy-O patio party, where sliders, Jell-O shots, and a live DJ are on tap to get the party started.

Step Up Your Beef Game

Corned beef and cabbage may be a staple of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but Son of a Butcher prefers a classic slider with densely marbled Wagyu beef, house-made comeback sauce, melty American cheese, and a crunchy, piquant pickle.

Not only does it go down a lot easier, but it won’t cause the telltale toots that often accompany the typical St. Patty’s Day diet. Nobody wants to be the butt of the joke when enjoying the festivities.

Top O’ the Tipple

It wouldn’t really be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without taking the opportunity to set aside the restrictions of Lent and wine and dine like it’s 1999. SoB heartily approves, which is why the Paddy-O Party menu includes Jell-O shots for $3, draft beer for $5, and Tipsy Leprechauns for $7.

It’s easy to find the perfect boozy complement to PB&J sliders, Texas Hot Chicken, or a house-made black bean veg burger with so many great bevs to choose from. Waffle fries or spicy cheese curds round out one heckuva St. Patty’s spread.

Boogie Like a Son of a Butcher

A party without tunes is a sad affair indeed. This is St. Patrick’s Day, not a wake! At Son of a Butcher, the Paddy-O Party will include a live DJ to ensure a butchin’ good time is had by all. With sliders, sides, and drinks galore, this is one St. Patty’s celebration that takes FOMO to a new level.