As a consumer, you always want options, but too many can lead to the paradox of choice. With a laundry list of restaurants before you, how can you pick? Son of a Butcher makes it easy with a range of tasty combo meals to sate your own hunger, save some for later, or feed the whole crew.

When you need mouthwatering fuel for your day, you can pick from just a couple of sliders for yourself or a butcher’s dozen — maybe also just for yourself, but probably to share. Which satisfying combo is right for you?

Compact 2-Slider Combo

Maybe you had a big breakfast and a little lunch is all you need. The 2-Slider Combo is designed for solo snacking, whether you’re on your own or dining with family or friends.

Do you want a Wagyu Classic with pickles, cheese, and comeback sauce, or would you rather spice it up with some jalapeño and pepper jam on The Popper? Does the savory and sweet PB&J send you into a tizzy? 

There are plenty of options to appease your appetite, including vegan-friendly fare. Throw in a side of crispy waffle fries for just the right serving of pure delight.

Can I Have Some More, Please?

There are days when two sliders simply won’t cut it. When you need that extra dose of taste bud-tingling delight, you’ve got it with the Son of a Butcher 3-Slider Combo. Go all out with crispy, spicy Buffalo sliders, and wash it down with a swanky shake to add sweetness to the mix.

Spares to Share

Eating sliders solo can be a real treat, but joy is even greater when shared with the ones you love. The Slider Sleeve, featuring a butcher’s dozen (13), is just the ticket for fun and fulfillment with a group of your closest friends or family.

You can choose up to four flavors from the menu of Wagyu, chicken, and vegan patty options, so you’re sure to please every palate. Don’t forget to peruse the menu of sides, drinks, and shakes for a well-rounded flavor experience.

Slide into Sides

If you’re feeding a ravenous group, throw in a Side Sleeve of onion rings or waffle fries that feeds up to five. Or opt for outstanding single sides like loaded Nacho Fries or tangy Buffalo Bleu Fries.

Don’t let the paradox of choice leave you hangry and dissatisfied. Stop by Son of a Butcher today for premium flavor with a few sliders to feed yourself or enough for your whole squad.